Confederation Cup 2009- A Rehearsal for 2010 World Cup

Confederation Cup 2009 is going to start very soon hosted by South Africa. It will be also act as a rehearsal for 2010 World Cup which will be held in South Africa. This tournament participate by World Champion, European Champion, North America & Champion, South American Champion, Oceania Champion, Asia Champion, Africa Champion and host nation. We will be able to see the some of the contenders for next year World Cup in actions. Spain, Brazil and Italy are the favorite for this tournament. A total of 8 teams compete in 2 groups of round robin games. In Group A, we have South Africa, New Zealand, Spain and Iraq. While Group B, consist of Brazil, Egypt, USA and Italy. The fixtures of the tournament are shown below. South Africa will face Iraq in the first game.

Spain are currently on a 32 games unbeaten run and they are the team to beat at the moment. Spain should not face any problem to top Group A. with South Africa the favorite for second spot. In Group B, Brazil and Italy are expected finished the group as the top two. However, USA and Egypt could provide some challenges to the favorites of this group. South Africa, as the host nation, is the only automatic qualifier to next year World Cup. Italy, the current World Champion, is leading their group in European Qualifying zone. Italy should be ableto qualify from their group for next year World Cup. Brazil and Spain are also on top of their respective group of their qualifying zone. Currently, Iraq is the only team who will miss next Year World Cup. New Zealand won the Oceania Zone qualifying section and will now play-off against the side who finish fifth in Asian Zone for a place at South Africa 2010. Egypt and USA are still in the running to qualify for World Cup 2010. USA is second in their qualifying group but Egypt is last after 2 games played.

Following is the Asian handicap odds provided by 188Bet.

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Asian Handicap Soccer Betting: The Special Handicap

The Special Type of Asian Handicap Soccer Betting: (0+0.5), (0.5+1) and so on...

In the previous post, I have explained about asian handicap betting and how it works. Today I am going to continue futher with another type of asian handicap betting, which I called it special type of asian handicap soccer betting.

This type of bets determine you either win all, win half , lose all or lose half of your bet. You will understand what I mean by win all, win half, lose all and lose half after the next section. Handicaps with the possibility of winning or losing 50% of your bet is a special type of handicap, which are denoted by (0+0.5), (0.5+1), (1+1.5), (1.5+2) and so on... .

Let us examine with one example:
Asian Handicap:Arsenal -(0+0.5) vs Man Utd +(0+0.5)
The above handicap shows that Arsenal has slight advantage over Man Utd by giving them a (0+0.5) handicap. You can also say that it's a handicap of "even and half" goal advantage to Man Utd. Assuming that your bet is on Arsenal. You will win the bet if Arsenal beat Man Utd by any scoreline. However, you will lose your bet if Man Utd beat Arsenal. In the event of draw, you shall lose half of your bet, e.g. If your bet is USD100, you only lose USD50.

Special handicaps continues...

Asian Handicap:Chelsea -(o.5+1) vs Newcastle Utd +(0.5+1)
Chelsea are the favorite to win the game. Assuming that you bet on Chelsea, the "half and one" goal handicap means that Chelsea need to win by more than one goal margin for you to win the bet. However, if Chelsea win by single goal, you shall win half of your bet. You lose your bet if Chelsea lose or draw the game. Handicap of (1+1.5) means that your team need to win by more than a single goal margin to win the bet. You will lose half of your bet if your team win by single goal margin. You lose you bet if your team fail to win.By now, you should have understand the basic for Asian Handicap betting. The favorite team will give goal handicap to the weaker team. The difference in strength of both team decide the margin of goal handicap.

I will stop here today for the Special Type of Asian Handicap Soccer Betting. In the comming posting, I am going to explained How to calculate the payout of your bet based on the given odds.


Asian Handicap Betting In Football

Asian Handicap or Asian Odds betting is the most common betting style for football (soccer) among Asian countries. This type of betting is very common in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Malaysia. This type of betting style is getting more popular around the world as it is different from the normal Home Win, Draw or Away Win outcome . In Asian Handicap Betting, handicap are given by the stronger team to a weaker team. The handicap will give both team an "equal" start to the game. The handicap is supposed to eliminate the disadvantages of the weaker team, thus making both team have the "equal" chance to win the game.

Handicap are based on several factors:
1) Home ground advantage
2) Current team form / performance
3) Starting eleven. Availability of star players.

Lets take an example:
In the match between AC Milan vs Torino, AC Milan might give a handicap of -1.5 goal to Torino.
We will take AC Milan final score to subtracted 1.5 goal to get the outcome of the bet. Let say that AC Milan beat Torino 2-0, the final score after subtracting 1.5 goal from AC Milan final score. AC Milan still win by a 0.5 goal margin, thus punters who choose AC Milan win their bet. However, if the final score is 1-0, AC Milan lose the bet.

So Asian Handicap bring the question of " Will AC Milan win by more than 1.5 goals" rather than the question of "Home win, Draw or Away Win".

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